What? Hina Khan to be EVICTED this week from Bigg Boss 11?

It is really fun to watch how the Colors flagship reality series comes up with new strategies related to the nominations and ultimately the eviction. sometimes the ardent viewers of the show are forced to think whether the makers of the reality series have some sort of a mind connect with the contestants in the house. They are able to figure out who amongst the contestants will react in what manner in a particular situation. And this gauging of one’s disposition surely gives an upper hand to the Bigg Boss over its inmates. This surely is an add on for the viewers as well.
Nomination for this week was done in a completely different manner in this season. According to this week’s nomination, one housemate was supposed to save the other housemate from getting nominated.
To save Hina Khan Bigg Boss asked Luv Tyagi to write ‘ZERO’ on his forehead with mehndi and asked not to apply water or make up on it. Last night we saw Hina applying makeup over Luv’s forehead to lighten the mehndi color. This resulted in Bigg Boss nominating Hina Khan for this week. After the nomination procedure got over, the result was Sapna Chaudhry, Hina Khan and Benafsha Sonawala are nominated to get evicted from the house this week.
One can easily guess who is going to be evicted among Sapna Chaudhry, Hina Khan and Benafsha Sonawala.
Ben’s best friend Priyank Sharma also thinks, Ben is going to be evicted from the house this week as she is the one who is comparatively less popular than Hina and Sapna. A piece of shocking news just came in stating that it is not Ben but the TV bahu Hina will be out of the Bigg Boss house this week!!
A source revealed, “There is buzz that Hina Khan might get evicted this week. However, it won’t be an eviction. The makers might put her in a secret room from where she can oversee what is happening inside the house. It is similar to what was done with Mandana Karimi in season nine. In the next round of nominations, it is Luv Tyagi who is most likely to leave the house.”
Last week two contestant Mehajbi and Sabyasachi were evicted. Makers decided to give some relaxation to the Bigg Boss house inmate which is why they decided, there will be no eviction this week but some ugly fights will take place in house.
Therefore, Hina will be sent to the secret room. Housemates will think that she is been evicted but she will be sitting in the secret room from where she will be watching the co-contestant’s game.
during some of the previous seasons, we saw contestants like Swami Om, Manu Punjabi, Priyanka Jagga and Mandana Karimi being sent to secret room which helped them in knowing the real faces of the contestant and so they improved their game.

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