We cannot spot any difference between the original and new Prernas. Can you?

MUMBAI: Soap operas dominate the televisual landscape in India. A majority of the market is dominated by general entertainment channels, and most serials currently have lots of melodrama, predictable twists, kitchen politics, and other drama where the villain is trying to hurt and harm the innocent.

Ekta Kapoor’s Kasauti Zindagii Kay too has much drama in store for viewers, and we cannot have enough of Erica Fernandes and Parth Samthaan’s chemistry as Prerna and Anurag.

Naveen wants to get married to Prerna out of force, and she has agreed to do so because of her family. Prerna chooses not to inform her family about the reason behind her decision. That is understandable to an extent, but given the fact that the pressure has come from Mohini, when she is questioned by Anurag and her father innumerable times, she refuses to open up.

Clearly, Anurag and his father can help Prerna come out of this problem and provide a solution too, but she just refuses to confide in them.

Come on! We live in an age where women are more practical and no-nonsense. They are confident, independent, and matured individuals. They do not think twice before calling a spade a spade. And it is high time that our serials also show women with stronger personalities.

Prerna initially came across as a very lively and bold person, but she could not handle the domination and injustice inflicted upon her and her family. And that is what surprises us. She did not even try to standup for herself!

Don’t you think our television serials need to change with the times?

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