Vishal Dadlani shares his views about music on World Music Day

MUMBAI: Well- known singer- judge Vishal Dadlani shares some interesting things with us on World Music Day.

Vishal says, “I never knew I’d be a musician. It’s something that happened to me. I grew up surrounded by music, as both my parents love music dearly. No one in my family has ever been a musician though. That journey started by complete chance, when I was 19. I started learning to play a little guitar, and from there moved on to writing some basic songs. Then, Pentagram happened, and my life changed. Those guys taught me everything I know. We wrote music, recorded, toured the college circuit and had a really good time.

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Meanwhile, I was offered the opportunity to do some music for a film, and I needed some money for equipment, so I did it. I later found that Shekhar was working separately on the same film, and we had been friends for a long time, so we decided to work together. That’s how “Vishal and Shekhar” was formed, and today, we’re grateful and humbled to be able to say that we’ve been at the top of the game for more than fifteen years. As for Indian Idol, I love the show because this is my third season, and I’ve never seen a more caring and honest “contest”, where winning and losing is part of the format, but whether it’s the contestants or the judges, our common love for music, is above all”

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