Veteran actor Jitendra Trihan joins the cast of Sony Entertainment Television’s slice of life drama ‘Kaamnaa’

MUMBAI: Sony Entertainment Television’s slice of life drama ‘Kaamnaa’ – jahan hoga khwaahishon aur usoolon ka aamna saamna has kept the audience engaged with its high octane drama showcasing the clash between principles and desires through the journey of Manav (Abhishek Rawat) and Akanksha (Chandni Sharma). During the course of the show, the viewers have seen how this battle between ideologies have overturned their life, making them detached from one another and breaking their family. In the ongoing track, as Yatharth starts to drift away from Akanksha, she yearns for her son’s presence and resorts to kidnapping him forcefully from his school. Although he shows his displeasure in accompanying his mother, she continues to force him to go with her. A devastated Manav is shocked to find out about this kidnapping as he watches the event unfold on the school’s CCTV footage.

As the story moves forward, Manav will try everything possible in order to get his son back. While this happens, a possible accident arises at Akanksha’s place putting the mother-son duo in a difficult situation which leaves Manav frightened for Yatharth’s safety. Amidst all of the troublesome situation that Manav goes through, along with Sakshi, Mr. Holkar, Yatharth’s principle comes as a ray of hope for him at the most difficult time of his life. Portraying the role of Mr Holkar is celebrated actor, Jitendra Trihan.

Talking about the track and his character, actor Jitendra Trihan, says “As the principal of the school, the character I essay knows very well how connected parents are to their children – especially mothers. At the same time, he has also seen unhealthy families try to keep their children under complete control. Hence, he’s aware of both sides of the coin. While he can understand that Akanksha, as a mother, is scared of losing her son, Manav has already lost a lot and the only glimmer of hope in his life is Yatharth. The role of Mr. Holkar is a positive addition to the show, becoming Manav’s much-needed pillar of support.”

Jitendra adds “I’m extremely grateful to be essaying a role that adds love and happiness to the storyline of Kamnaa. Teachers and principals hold a special place in our lives, and they shape many decisions taken by us. I hope Mr. Holkar’s character manages to do the same for Yatharth.”

Tune into ‘Kaamnaa’ – jahan hoga khwaahishon aur usoolon ka aamna saamna every Monday to Friday at 8:30 P.M. only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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