Vermillion drama in Colors Bangla’s Kajalata

Time to smile as we bring an update of the upcoming episodes of Colors Bangla’s Kajalata!
The series which is produced by Raj Chakraborty Production has lots of drama in store for the viewers.
According to our source, in the upcoming episodes, unable to find another way, Kajal (Anwesha Hazra) will decide to tell Lata (Debchandrima Singha Roy) that she has recorded her conversation with the kidnappers and would expose the truth in front of everyone if she doesn’t release Manjari (Moyna Banerjee).
So, will Lata listen to Kajal?
Yes, Lata will release Manjari but of course, reluctantly.
Next, Gurudev will perform a puja wherein Soumya (Kunal Banerjee) will apply vermillion on Lata’s forehead and Abir too will have to do the same to Kajal.
But will Kajal allow this?

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