‘This show is a turning point in my career like Udaan,’ says Ram Kapoor, Host of Zindagi Ke Crossroads

Q: Why you chose Zindagi Ke Crossroads?

RK: These opportunities rarely come in someone’s way. So, when they come, we should really grab it. This show can make a difference and I am happy that I got this opportunity. I’ll share how this show happened to me. When I received the call for the show, I was doing film & digital and had no dates so went for the first meeting clear that I will politely refuse the show citing genuine date issues. But five minutes into hearing the concept by Mahadev and Shabina Khan, I just had to be a part of this show and accepted it immediately. There are turning points in all our careers. And, if you get lucky then you get a project that you do it only for yourself. Like I did Udaan. This show is like that. Look at Shabina. She could’ve easily made a sitcom as her debut project on TV but she chose this subject & has been working on it for a year. It’s unbelievably brave of her to do a concept like this as her first on TV. My proudest achievement will be that I was part of this show.

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Q: Did you experience any crossroads in your life?

RK: No, I have been very lucky not to have faced any tough crossroad in my life, so I feel very blessed.

Q: Zindagi Ke Crossroads is proposing real-life stories of common man in the society. Are these stories also proving solutions to the people’s problems?

RK: No. we aren’t looking to provide any solution to your problems. We don’t want to preach and tell people to do things. We just want people to have conversations on relatable topics and leave them thinking about their own actions in their lives. This is the motive of Zindagi Ke Crossroads. Our job is not to provide solution, it is just to initiate a discussion and let people think.

Q: As you said, arguments break out between audiences as they share their views, how difficult does it get for you to manage the situation?

RK: Zindagi Ke Crossroads is completely spontaneous. No one knows the direction in which the audience will react or how the discussion will head? Who will laugh and who all will cry? So yes, I must be spontaneous and on my toes and that’s the reason I am enjoying it. Because, nothing is planned. I am loving the challenge.

Q: So far, have you felt in any of the episodes you’ve shot for Zindagi Ke Crossroads that it happened with you or happened around you?

RK: In almost every episode I get this relatable feeling that the same thing has happened with me or with one of my friends. But that doesn’t mean I have the answers to all the questions. The motive is to let people broaden their thinking and listen to stories about what others have gone through.

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Q: You mentioned that you choose this show because it is unique, would you ever like to host any other reality shows like singing shows etc.?

RK: Probably not! Maybe I would have done those kinds of shows in the start of my career.

I did Rakhi ka Swayamwar. But, now I have reached a point in my career where I need to be very choosy and select good content. I did that for 10 years and now I am at a stage where quality of the shows matter more than the quantity.

Q: Don’t you think shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati, Dusk ka Dum and now Zindagi Ke

RK: Crossroads have been using “common man” as their brand to gain popularity?

A: I feel the shows that are more relatable to the common man should only be made and they are the only ones generating engagement.

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Q: Please tell us some of your strengths and weaknesses as an anchor?

RK: I like being spontaneous. I don’t follow any scripts too much and just go with the flow. I think that’s my strength because an anchor should be spontaneous and build that connect with the viewers. My weakness is that I don’t have a command on the language like Amitabh Bachchan Sir has it. When he speaks Hindi, you just want to hear him forever and ever. That is my weakness because my Hindi is average Hindi and not like Bachchan Sir’s Hindi.

Q: Salman Khan’s Dus Ka Dum will come on Sony on Monday & Tuesday at 9 PM and you’re show will air from Wednesday to Thursday at the same timeslot. Are you scared of competing with him for TRPs?

RK: I will shoot myself before I compare myself to Salman…So, it’s not even crossed my mind. Zindagi Ke Crossroads is bigger than any of us. In all the roles I’ve done till date, I’ve made my audiences laugh, cry and smile, this is the first time that I get audiences to think and converse. I don’t give opinions but allow people to share their views.

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