This is why Sreejita De chose Star Plus’ Nazar

Actress Sreejiti De revealed that she has to wear 10 kg of jewellery everyday for her role of ‘chudail’ Dilruba in supernatural show “Nazar”.

“I have to wear jewellery weighing around 10 kgs. With exhausting shoot schedules and stunts as part of the show, I shoot long hours wearing the heavy jewellery,” Sreejita said in a statement.

Talking more about her character, Sreejita said that she is playing a very “modern and stylish chudail with a distinct look” in the StarPlus show.

“The first thing that drew me to the role was the silver jewellery in her neck and the bangles that cover the entire arm. I enjoy playing Dilruba and love every bit of her look and character. I really hope the audiences enjoy watching my performance as much as I love shooting for it,” she added.

Apart from Sreejita, “Nazar” also features actress Monalisa in the lead role.

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