‘THIS’ is how Riddhi Dogra LOST to Hina Khan!

Style is something we all gain maximum inspiration from our celebrities. Not only Bollywood, our very own television celebrities too have an amazing sense of fashion and are often seeing wooing in their best attires. So if you are looking for a great place for some #Inspo, our fashion muses is a place to start. We all love to drool over pretty dresses and beautiful shoes, and to indulge in the fashion trends we love (while completely ignoring the ones we DON’T obviously), and who better can give us goals for fashion than our TV actresses, Hina Khan and Riddhi Dogra!

In an audience poll held over the weekend, we asked people if they like Hina’s style game more or Riddhi Dogra? The results showed that Hina won the poll with 65 percent while Riddhi lost by 43 percent. People are more inspired by Hina’s fashion game more than that of Riddhi. Tell us more on what all do you love about Hina in the comments section below!

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