Tanuja to meet with an 'ACCIDENT' in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki!

And it will be Rishi’s friend Malaika who will be the cause of the accident.

Colors’ Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki has gone to a new high with its original lead Kratika Sengar returning back to the show albeit as Tanuja. But Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) is not ready to accept Tanuja with Tanu’s face.

He also tells her that he never thought that he would hate the face (Tanu’s) that he once loved so much. He also tells Tanuja that he never wants to see her face ever again. All this happens owing to a misunderstanding on Rishi’s part created by Neha (Renee Dhyani) and Bani (Roma Bali).

On the other hand, Rishi’s friend Malaika (Smriti Khanna) comes into the picture and Rishi decides to move on in his life. He decides to marry Malaika and settle down. Rano (Vibha Chibber), who is very happy with Rishi’s decision, asks him to pick Malaika up from the airport.

With Tanu having no where else to go, she decides to go to meet Riddhima who calls her to give her a job. But looking at the office building, Tanuja starts reminiscing Rishi and meets with an accident.

But as luck would have it, it is Malaika’s car that dashes Tanuja. Malaika panics as a crowd has gathered but comes out of the car. With the help of a few passers by, Malaika takes Tanuja to Rishi’s house where she is residing.

This brings Rishi and Tanuja back to square one, where Rishi tells her to leave his house forever.

How will Rishi react when he gets to know about Tanuja’s accident? Will he soften towards her or will he again misunderstand this situation as one of Tanuja’s attempts to gain his sympathy and trust?

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