Tanuj Virmani shared thoughts on Inside edge being nominated for the Emmy Award

MUMBAI: Tanuj Virwani has just only come back from Georgia where he was shooting for Inside edge season 2. Whatever however has got Tanuj over the moon is the fact that his web show Inside Edge has got nominated for the Emmys and that is a huge compliment to the entire team.

It’s not often a show makes it to even the Emmy nominations.

1)How does it feel?

it is a surreal feeling. pinch me .the best part is it came out of nowhere. I have already put season one behind me as we are currently shooting for season 2. this news broke when the cast and crew were together in Georgia so it’s given us all a tremendous boost and hunger to do even better this time around

2) Did u see it coming?

no, I did not see this coming . the response to the show which has now been streaming for over a year has been nothing short of amazing. the amount of adulation amongst fans has been such a rush but never in my wildest dreams did I think that we would cap off this beautiful journey with an Emmy nomination. this is the stuff dreams are made off

3) Your thoughts on season 2?

I am extremely stoked about season 2. many times I feel writers and creators try and give the audience a simple rehash of what worked. that is undermining the audience’s intelligence by just trying to cash in on what worked. we have tried our best to move the show in bold new often unexpected directions. if season 1 was about establishing the rules of this world, season 2 is about telling the audience that rules are meant to be broken. success should encourage people to think out of the box instead of playing safe

4] What’s different in this season?

you can expect a lot more exciting cricket, high stakes, twisted motives. very well written fully realized characters both old and new and.we want to showcase this world not as black or white but grey wherein sometimes even the good guys make bad judgment calls but that doesn’t necessarily make them bad people. this season has a lot of layers as we dig deeper into this murky world of greed politics and scandals

5) How was Georgia?

The Georgia schedule was fantastic. I haven’t seen the footage but I hear we have captured some extremely visceral imagery. the change of landscape this season is not strictly ornamental and will propel the show forward in new and interesting ways.

6) What next for you?

I finish shooting inside edge towards the end of November after which I dive straight into a show for alt Balaji called the family. it’s too early to speak about that but I am really excited to sink my teeth into that one.

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