Synopsis Day 72: A desi twist to the the luxury budget task

Bigg Boss house has has got a desi makeover for this week’s luxury budget task. To give the contestants a hint of what was in store for them, Bigg Boss woke up the contestants to the song ‘Desi Girl’. This week’s luxury budget task was called BB Panchayat. The house is divided into two groups – Team Dipika with Romil, Sree Santh and Megha and Team Deepak with Rohit, Karanvir and Surbhi. Deepak and Dipika were the mukhiya of their teams and Jasleen and Somi were the sarpanch. Everyone had to dress up as per their characters assigned to them. Deepak and Dipika had to present their cases and make allegations against the contestants of the opposite team and declare why they are not suitable to stay in the Bigg Boss house. Somi and Jasleen had to select the strongest allegation amongst them and call the contestants for a trial. Based on the argument presented by both the team, the sarpanch had to decide whose argument was the strongest and declare the winner.

Dipika’s first allegation was on Surbhi for being fake and Deepak alleged Romil for his double standards. A lot of heated arguments among the teams were seen as both of them tried to defend each other. Both Deepak and Dipika had presented strong arguments in favour of their attorney making it difficult for Somi and Jasleen to give their judgement.

Will Somi and Jasleen be able to give a fair judgement or will there be a foul play for favoring their friends?

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