Synopsis Day 60: Captaincy Task called off because of misconduct of contestants?

Patience, perseverance and hardworkis the key to a person’s success. After winning the Hitman task with their strategy, Romil and Shivashish have been declared the contenders for the Fizz Captaincy of the week.

Oblivious about the task, both the contenders try their best to convince the housemates to support them for captaincy. The captaincy task was called TRP. Both Romil and Shivashish were given two channels and they had to entertain the housemates with their antics. The task was divided into three rounds – Chat Show, Dance and Infotainment. In the first round the contestants were allowed to take one more housemate with them. Shivashish chose Surbhi and Romil chose Srishty. Depending on the amount of time spent by the housemates watching a particular contestant’s channel that person would be declared the Captain. There was a remote that was fixated on the table to change the channel, incase they felt the need. Unfortunately, the competitive streak of the contestants took over the remote and damaged it in the middle of all the snatching. Bigg Boss was enraged at them and hence task was called off.

But since a Captain must be declared, a new task was introduced to them. Two chairs were kept in the garden area, and both Shivashish and Romil had to sit on it for as long as they could. Other housemates had to make sure that they exasperate the contestant who they do not wish to see as Captain. This task reminded everyone of the SamudriLootere task and they decided to increase their levels of torment.

Who will be able to survive the tortures levied on them and come out victorious as the Fizz Captain of the week? Who will prove to better their strategy and stay till the end?

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