Suhani gets puzzled by Soumya’s love confession in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Suhani keeps the fishes back and Sharad tells everything to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj confronts Soumya about her lie and putting blame on Snoopi which was wrong. Soumya says she was very scared to tell about draining the fish in the drain and lied. She starts crying, and Dadi comes to support Soumya. Suhani comes to Soumya, and sees her crying. Soumya says you do this easily, you made the reason to hurt me and now acting to share pain, you will become great infront of everyone. Sharad tells Suhani that he told Yuvraaj, if Soumya did mistake, Yuvraaj should know. Suhani says she feels I complained to him. Sharad asks her to be careful of Soumya, as she is lying a lot these days.

Dadi asks Soumya to do anything to spend time with Suhani. Soumya asks Yuvraaj for coffee while Suhani makes plans with him for dinner. Yuvraaj agrees to both and asks Soumya to join them. Suhani makes food and does all dinner arrangements. She gets cold allergy and sneezes. Suhani asks Soumya for medicines, and she gives her wrong medicines to make her sleep. Suhani falls sleepy, after doing everything ready. Soumya takes advantage of the situation and Yuvraaj is shocked seeing her instead Suhani. Yuvraaj switches on the lights and says relax, Suhani wanted the candle light dinner, she is not here, so this does not matter, and don’t try to copy Suhani.

She says excuse me, I don’t copy anyone, there is no comparison between us. Yuvraaj praises Suhani and talks about her a lot. She says Yuvraaj, the feelings which showed you before, I felt its for Suhani, are you listening. Suhani wakes up and is in sleep effect. He says I always thought how does Suhani get extra energy, I know her secret. She says she is like this since childhood, I feel if she was not here, I would have understood your feelings were for me. She apologizes to him for rejecting his love. Yuvraaj says he has forgiven her. Dadi tells Soumya that Suhani is coming in between, Yuvraaj loved you and still does. Soumya asks how to confirm. Dadi says if you tell him everything, we can know it.

Dadi gives Suhani the party arrangements responsibility. Bhavna talks to Suhani and asks her to tell her feelings to him. Soumya gets ready in Yuvraaj’s fav color saree. Suhani says I should tell Yuvraaj. Soumya says I should tell him that I love him too. Dadi comes and Yuvraaj compliments her. She says I want to bless you for new year before the party. He hugs her and she blesses him that this year brings everything that he wished for, that you did not get in 2014. Suhani comes in black saree. Yuvraaj sees her and says 2014 was not that bad. He says things got fine before year ended. Soumya goes to Yuvraaj and fails to say.

Soumya sings and dances with Yuvraaj, and says I won’t repeat my past mistake, I love you. He is stunned. Suhani stands behind them and is shocked hearing this. He says you are drunk now. She says no, I did not get in senses before. Suhani asks Yuvraaj what did Soumya say, and why did she say like this. He says it was for Krishna. Rags says Suhani has left Soumya and went with Soumya, if beginning is so good, end will be very entertaining. Suhani is unable to sleep, and even Yuvraaj recalls Soumya’s weird love confession. He turns to other side. Suhani turns to him and holds his hand tightly. He sees her sleeping, and tries to remove her hand. She says please Yuvraaj, don’t leave me.

Soumya wakes up in morning and recalls her words for Yuvraaj. She smiles and says finally, I have confessed my feelings to Yuvraaj. Suhani confronts her about saying I love you to Soumya. Soumya denies it getting tensed and sweating. Suhani says I have heard it myself. Soumya says I have told it to Krishna, not Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj is jogging and Soumya greets him. She says I got sprain, please give me hand. Sharad comes and gives hand. Soumya is shocked seeing him and leaves. Suhani says Soumya still loves Krishna and even Krishna loves her. Lalita says then why did she send divorce papers. Suhani is shocked.

Soumya says I don’t have anything related to my past, I want to start fresh and give a chance to myself, am I doing right. Suhani says Soumya can’t do this. Lalita shows the divorce papers and says they are taking divorce, and Soumya has sent it with her sign. Suhani says Soumya told me she loves Krishna. She gets puzzled. Will Suhani find out Soumya’s truth? Keep reading.