Ssharad Malhotraa celebrates women's day at the Kamatipura red light area

Famous performing artist Ssharad Malhotra is presently observed on the show Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki. Aside from his acting abilities, the performer is known for his rational nature. Also, this current ladies’ day, Ssharad has accomplished something that no other big name would have done. He has commended the day with the ladies who live in the shadows of our general public and are not checked in our registration. The Sex Workers of Kamatipura.

Ssharad Malhotra has “Govinda” themed birthday party for sweetheart Pooja Bisht

Ssharad says,”When I went to Kamatipura I have seen faces that we regularly don’t see, a calling we don’t frequently discuss. As the sun goes down its an extremely bustling road with a ton of hustle clamor till the small hours of the morning. It was an entire soul mixing background where I met some lovely souls who all have welcomed me with the hottest grins ever. Yes, at first I was extremely reluctant yet thank you God and the authorities for giving me this open door. This is the experience I will always remember for whatever remains of my life and it certainly strongly affects me.”

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Individuals like Ssharad meeting these ladies is an indication of seek after these ladies who have no different intends to procure separated from offering their bodies. These ladies admire us to some of the time bail them out as a large portion of them would prefer not to remain in the calling. Credit to Ssharad for going by these ladies.

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