Sooraj and Sandhya come closer in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Vikram and Mohit both insult each other in public. Vikram gets angry and holds Mohit’s collar. They both tell each other’s secrets. Meenakshi asks Vikram to beat Mohit. They start a fight. Sooraj comes there with Chotu, and sees people laughing seeing the fight. Sooraj says it’s not good if they bring house matter on road. He asks Vikram and Mohit did Bhabho and Babasa give you these values to fight. He says you both won’t pay 9 lakhs, Babasa gave the word and I will fulfill it, I will arrange the money. Sooraj talks to the loan manager, and says we got late in returning money, and gives the shop papers of his sweet shop, if he can’t repay money in one week, then he can sell his shop.

He says I have a small request, don’t come home and not insult my family. The loan manager calls Ankur and tells everything. Bhabho says she will keep Meenakshi’s baby shower, it will be grand and they will call everyone. Meenakshi gets happy. Bhabho asks Sooraj about calling Sandhya and whether he has come objection. She asks him to invite Sandhya for her sake. Sooraj agrees and calls Sandhya. She agrees to come. Mohit is angry about Vikram and Meenakshi’s taunts. Emily pacifies him. He gets job offer call and is glad. He goes to the company and gets the job, and comes to know its Ankur’s company. Ankur persuades him to take the job, and he is giving him for his talent.

Mohit takes the job and hides it from family, and tells Emily about it. Chotu asks Sooraj to drop him at Sandhya’s home. Chotu says I don’t know Ankur’s home. Sooraj agrees and takes Chotu. Bhabho says Sooraj can’t hide his love for long, your heart is made of wax, till when will you hide. ooraj’s scooter breaks down. Sandhya comes there and repairs his scooter. Sandhya sends Chotu. She says I know you have solution for all problems, but you can take anyone’s help. Chotu asks her to leave him early today, as he has some work to take Sooraj’s shirt to tailor to get the button stitched, as Bhabho is not well and weak now. He starts studying. He keeps the kurta there and looks at her. She hides the Kurta and stitches it.

Sooraj wears the Kurta and understands Sandhya has stitched it. Sooraj hugs the kurta and smiles looking at the moon. Sandhya goes to buy a silver key chain for Meenakshi. Sooraj comes in the same shop to buy gift for Meenakshi. He likes the same key chain, and they meet at the counter, and combine their names. He comes home while ladies see some silver ornaments. Sooraj shows the silver chain to Bhabho. Bhabho thinks Sandhya will wear this. Sandhya gets ready to go in the function. Ankur asks Zakir to explain Sandhya, as he is her good friend. Ankur says she is getting big chance and she is refusing it for false hope of Sooraj’s hope. She is making big mistake.

Zakir says its golden chance for Sandhya, but not last, she will get many chances like this, and about Sooraj’s love, its her life and inspiration, and she will have wish to live, else nothing will be left. Sandhya applies the nail polish and shows Bulbul. Bulbul says I m very happy. Ankur comes and sends Bulbul outside as he has to talk to Sandhya. Bulbul leaves. He asks Ankur where is she going. Sandhya says you know it. Ankur says I know, you forgot you don’t have any place there, why to go there. He says you should not go there. She says bending in relations in not weakness, it shows how much you value relations, if this was not there, then we would have not been together today.

Sooraj does the flower decorations. Sandhya comes and he supports her as she slips. They have an eyelock and freeze. Everyone start coming in the baby shower function and smile seeing their love. Sandhya looks around the home, and Bhabho asks her to come inside. Taisa comes and says she is your fav bahu, you are calling as if she is guest. She has gone for few days and she will come back here to Sooraj and you all. Vikram says Sandhya came on Sooraj’s invitation who called her for Bhabho’s respect. Meenakshi says she knows men, he did not call for Bhabho’s sake, he has made her leave house, not heart. He says I know its nothing like that.

The function starts Meenakshi says lets bet, I have read Sooraj’s face. Sandhya and Sooraj are asked by Bhabho to do all rituals being the eldest son and daughter in law, which annoys everyone else. Mohit sees Sandhya and gets tensed. Sandhya says I m happy you got the job, which company is it. Mohit does not answer her. Emily says Sandhya can tell everyone about Ankur’s company and gets worried. Will Ankur break Rathi family? Keep reading.