Social Media fans appreciating Ashnoor for depicting Good touch Bad Touch track well on Patiala Babes

Sony Entertainment Television’s Patiala Babes is one of those shows which has constantly broken stereotypes and since the beginning Ashnoor’s portrayal of her character Mini is being idolised by the audience . Ashnoor’s character Mini is always seen coming out and supporting all the sensitive issues in the show whether it was Mini supporting her mother for a divorce, her second marriage or raising her stepsister Arya. This time she will be seen supporting another significant issue that is Good Touch and Bad Touch, where she will be seen fighting against it and would be supported by Sourabh Raaj Jain.

Ashnoor, who is being loved by the audience for her role, is quite happy about the fact that people are appreciating her for the way her character Mini is dealing with the delicate issue of Good touch and Bad Touch. Ashnoor’s social media accounts are inundated from messages from fans and viewers stating their appreciation for the way the issue is dealt with in the show. They are supporting Mini in her endeavour and acknowledging the fact that she is supporting her sister throughout this sensitive phase. Ashnoor also mentioned that people are messaging her and saying that it’s very important to teach children about this topic and make them aware. People are loving the way Mini has gone all out to support Arya’s friend Neha who was touched inappropriately by the peon of the school. The way Mini encouraged Neha’s mother to come out and support her daughter is being loved by the viewers.

Expressing her gratitude, Ashnoor said “When I got to know about the Good touch Bad touch track, I was really happy that such a sensitive topic would be showcased in the show . It is very important for parents to educate their children about such a topic because you never know what people’s intentions are and it is better to make your child aware about this rather than regretting later. When the track started, I never expected people will give such strong positive reactions, but after a few episodes of the track going on air, people loved it and started messaging me stating how they were happy to see me in that role so responsibly. It made me feel good that people are understanding the importance of it.”

Currently the viewers will see how Sourabh’s character Neil will be supporting Ashnoor’s character Mini in this fight against the school and in making all aware about this sensitive topic.

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