Shweta and Palak Tiwari were super excited to do this during the lockdown

Shweta Tiwari recently stepped out for grocery shopping with daughter Palak Tiwari. As the duo headed out to purchase daily essentials, Palak tells us how she is extremely happy that she came out of the house after a long time. She added that her mom Shweta is giving her attention and not her younger brother Reyansh. This obviously was said on a lighter note as she is happy to spend time with her mother.

Palak who is seen wearing a face mask and gloves tells us that wearing those makes her sweaty. She enthusiastically asks her mom Shweta if she is excited for the grocery shopping time, to which she denies but on the other hand, Palak says she is super excited.

Later, we see in the video, where Palak just took a shower after grocery shopping and her mom asks her if it was fun today. Responding to her, the star kid simply gestured with a peace out sign.

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