Shocking! Mahi Vij alleges her cook threatens to stab them with ‘Khanjar’, Scroll down to know more

MUMBAI: In a shocking incident, Mahhi Vij had shared that the nanny had spotted their temporary cook stealing and he was alerted. When Jay tried to reason out, he said ‘200 biharis laake khada kar dunga’. He got drunk and started hurling abuses at us. We went to the cops. I don’t care if anything happens to me, but I was scared for my daughter.”

She further added that the man kept calling her and used filthy language. She further said, “When we went to the police station, he kept calling me. I have all the recordings. Seeing whatever is happening everywhere, it is very scary. What if he stabs me? If something happens to me, people will protest later. What’s the point then? I am scared for my family’s safety. I heard he will be out on bail. What if he actually gets men after coming out of the jail and targets us?”

In a now deleted tweet, Mahhi had written, “Scared for my and my daughter’s life. Police and Jay caught this cook and are now leaving him on bail to kill us. Wow marne ke baad morcha nikalna he openly saud which was shown to police ki chaaku maar dunga tujhe.”

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