Shaurya kills Dr. Dayal Thakur in Ek Haseena Thi

Dev is chosen as the new chairman of the Goenka empire and asks Rajnath to cancel Kangana’s engagement with Karan and he will return him the post. Rajnath disagrees which makes Dev talks to him rudely. Dayal takes Divya to scare Karan and make him admit that he really raped Payal. Durga brings Kangana there and shows her Karan’s admittance. Divya walks to him in her white dress and Karan is shocked seeing her. He covers himself in the blanket. Divya says I have come to talk you to my world. Karan asks her to go and forgive him.

Karan says why are you after me, even Shaurya, Rishi and Tarun were there, it was Shaurya’s idea, he was main culprit, go to him. He falls on her feet and apologizes. She says everyone will get punished. He admits that he is culprit of Payal and her. Kangana gets shocked and apologizes to Durga. Kangana says Durga that we should call police and tell everything. Durga says we don’t have any proof, meet Karan and find out about his mum by any way. Kangana asks but why. Durga says she was appointed as counselor in Payal’s case.

Durga looks at Dayal and thinks Mrs. Basu has no benefit with giving this statement, then why did she do this. Shaurya calls someone and says about Dev becoming Goenka industries chairman now. Suchitra blesses Dev on his first job at office as chairman. Basu comes to Goenka house. Rajnath welcomes him. Dev says he came to congratulate me for becoming chairman, so I invited him for breakfast.

Sakshi thinks whats happening, Kangana used to hate Durga and now talking to her in signs. Durga tells an editor to do as she says. The editor calls Basu and he gets angry. He says he has to call Anuradha for a day and asks Karan to take car to her home. Basu and Karan talk to Anuradha and ask her to come for a day for media interview. Anuradha refuses and scolds him. Durga brings Kangana and Divya to meet Payal. Divya says she gave her chance to do something for Nitya and Payal. Durga says no need to thank, take care and hugs her. Dayal calls Akash and he does not take the call. Dayal calls servant as the light goes. Dayal looks for candles. Shaurya comes to him whistling on his wheelchair.

Dayal asks how did he come here. Shaurya stands on his feet and says he came on his own. He says he has come here to do what a villain does. Dayal asks Shaurya to leave. Shaurya shoots at his foot. Dayal shouts Shaurya. Shaurya says Dayal Thakur, this was first bullet, five more to go. Shaurya asks about Nitya. Dayal laughs and does not tell him. Shaurya angrily shoots all 6 bullets and leaves him to die. Dev and Durga come to meet Dayal. They rush him to hospital. The doctor says he is critical and asks Durga to talk to him. She goes to Dayal and holds his hand crying, recalling how he has put confidence and strength in her. Dayal smiles and asks her not to cry. She says we will go far from everyone, I promise, get fine please. She says she will go with Dev, Payal and him. Dayal dies and Durga breaks down. Everyone get this news and is shocked. Dev drops Durga her home. Sakshi and Rajnath doubt each other and clear it. Sakshi says maybe Shaurya did this and they go to ask him. Shaurya swears on Sakshi and lies that he has not killed Dayal. Shaurya says go to graveyard directly, what should I do, call Durga or meet her personally to give condolences. The lawyer gives Dr. Dayal’s locker keys to Sakshi. She thinks Durga does not know about it, this key will open some secrets.

Durga cries seeing her home and recalls Dayal. She says it was my fight Baba, I did not have any right to draw you in this fight, all this happened because of me. She says if you were not in this fight, then this day would have not come. She sees Akash walking in and cries. He says he will support her, we both became orphans because of Goenkas and I will ruin them, the fate has brought us together, it’s a relation of pain between us. She says yes, its bigger than blood relations. She says you wanted to know why am I doing this, and why is Baba supporting me. She says come with me, and takes him to the secret room and shows the revenge wall. Akash is shocked seeing it.

Sakshi goes to check Dayal’s bank locker and gets a letter for Durga. She reads it and thinks why is Dayal referring to Durga as someone else. She thinks to find out the mystery about Durga’s identity. Will Sakshi come to know that Durga is actually Nitya? Keep reading.