Shark Tank India 3: Entrepreneur Vibhuti Arora CRITICIZES shark Vineeta Singh, Recollects experience of blackout after pitch

MUMBAI : Entrepreneur Vibhuti Arora was just turned down from Shark Tank India, and opened up about her experience there. She acknowledged that her sales have improved despite the criticism from “sharks” Vineeta Singh and Namita Thapar during her pitch. In an Instagram video, House of Beauty founder Vibhuti criticized the sharks. Ayushman Pandita revealed on her podcast how she almost started crying during her pitch.

Vibhuti said, “What was shown was still very nice, what actually happened was a lot worse. I could feel angst, Vineeta kept repeating the same thing 10 times, and she kept criticising my packaging, but they did not let me speak. I was there to get their help, as a bootstrapped entrepreneur. If I had had everything sorted already, why would I go to them for help? It was very difficult for me to control myself from crying after one point. I just wanted to run away from Shark Tank. I didn’t want to cry on national television. Vineeta kept asking me what the differentiator in my products is.”

Vibhuti remembered that she experienced a blackout following the shoot. At first, she thought she might get money, but she soon realized that all she was doing was protecting herself. “Initially, I thought I would manage to get funding from there. But later, I figured that I was not going to get anything out of this, I only had to keep defending myself. After the pitch, I had a blackout. I got anxious that time.”

Positively speaking, Vibhuti mentioned that her sales had increased as a result of the show’s exposure. She mentioned, “In January, before the episode, we did Rs 45-48 lakh sales, today we are inching towards a 1 crore sales. The impact has come in the product business. Namita was my dream shark, I wanted to work with her, Peyush Bansal, and Azhar Iqubal. Azhar is very humble and genuine, his approach can help a brand like us.”

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