Sandhya refuses to help Mohit and Emily shocking Sooraj and family in Diya Aur Baati Hum

The men of the Rathi family decide to meet the heroine coming in Pushkar for film shooting. They get ready to meet her and are very excited. They dress really well and everyone looks smart. They start leaving the house, but Bhabho stops them giving them Sandhya message that she will be coming late, as she is going for protection services of some lady, maybe a Devi. They leave soon after Bhabho goes to her room. They reach the film set and see Ragini Khanna. They drool over her seeing her beauty. They are not allowed to watch her dance. Mohit tells everyone that he will use Sandhya’s name to get a place inside in the VIP counter.

Mohot talks to inspector Lohya and says we are ASP Sandhya Rathi’s family. Lohya allows them inside and everyone get delighted to see Ragini’s special dance performance. Babasa, Mohit and Vikram imagine themselves sharing a leg and dancing with Ragini. After the dance ends, they wait in the VIP counter to meet Ragini. Meenakshi wakes up by Kanha’s cries. She sees that Vikram is not in the room and thinks he is in loo. She comes out and sees Bhabho standing out the loo waiting for Babasa. Emily comes looking for Mohit.

Everyone tell each other that their husband are missing. Meenakshi says maybe some gang has kidnapped their husband and they should inform the police. Everyone get worried. Bhabho calls Sandhya and tells her that all the men are missing and maybe some gang took them. Sandhya says she will find out and see everyone on the CCTV video. She goes to them. The men are happily talking to Ragini and trying to impress her by their praises, shayari and rose. Sandhya comes there and hears everything.

Babasa asks Sooraj to read the shayari and give Ragini the rose. Sooraj sees Sandhya there and is shocked. He gets tensed and takes Sandhya’s name instead of Ragini while reading the shayari. Ragini laughs and leaves for her shot. Sooraj gets tensed thinking what would Sandhya think seeing him give the rose to Ragini. Sooraj shows the others to see Sandhya. They are shocked to see Sandhya. Sandhya comes to them and asks them to go home as Bhabho and their wives are waiting at home, being worried for them. She asks Sooraj how did he become so romantic that he gave a rose to Ragini and said shayari, which he did not do for her till now.

Sooraj gets worried as she takes everyone home. Bhabho looks like a jailer when she sees everyone and comes to know that they went to see the heroine’s shooting. She scolds Babasa a lot and asks him to come in the room, as she will teach him a good lesson. Meenakshi also scares Vikram and takes him in the room. Emily acts annoyed and leaves. Mohit runs to talk to her. Sooraj apologizes to Sandhya and she forgives him smiling knowing he is a very decent man and could not do any such thing.

Meanwhile, at Dilip’s house, Pushpa and Chavi are having a good relation. Chavi makes a mistake of putting colored clothes with white ones in the machine. When Pushpa sees this, she warns Chavi but Chavi does not care. After the clothes get spoiled, Chavi feels bad. Pushpa asks her not to worry and does the bleaching of the clothes. Chavi feels happy seeing Pushpa did not complain about her mistake to Dilip. Pushpa asks Chavi to meet her friends, who are coming on lunch, only to see her as they could not come in her marriage. Chavi thinks it will be boring affair, and goes for shopping, lying to Pushpa that she is going to meet Dilip’s friend’s wife who is ill and is in hospital.

Sandhya saves some people from the building which catched fire by the fight between two political parties’s rallies. The SP gets happy and asks her to give some advice on how to stop such happenings. Sandhya asks him to make a stop on rallies. He issues a notice. Kavita gets it and is tensed seeing her election rallies stopped because of Sandhya. Bhabho and Sooraj worry for Sandhya as she has risked her life to save people but are proud of her. Chavi meets two ladies in the purse shop and argues with them to buy a purse. The ladies scold her for being so mannerless. Chavi comes home and is shocked to know that those ladies were actually Pushpa’s friends. They meet her and ask her to become good mannered. They don’t say anything to Pushpa.

Mohit and Emily hatch a plan to take Sandhya’s help in reopening their parlour. They think if Sandhya calls the workers office, then they may remove the govt seal and their parlour can run again. Mohit acts a lot and takes Bhabho and Sooraj’s sympathy. Sooraj says he will talk to Sandhya. Sooraj and Bhabho talk to Sandhya about this matter and she straight away refuses to help them. Mohit begs her folding his hand and showing her Emily’s tears of her dreams breaking, but Sandhya does not melt, as she does not want to use her name to help her family. Sooraj, Bhabho, Mohit and Emily get annoyed with Sandhya for being so rude and selfish. Sandhya tries to make them understand that she is helpless, but they don’t listen to her. What will Sandhya do now? Keep reading.