Sandhya gets demoted and transferred to the Traffic department because of Sooraj’s mistake in Diya Aur Baati Hum

We have written last week how Sooraj’s one mistake has ringed the trouble bells for Sandhya and her ASP post. The media has taken this matter very seriously and has spoke very ill about Sandhya and the Rathi family. They have given wrong statements for Sandhya saying she and her family uses her police powers for their personal needs and is misguiding the govt and public. Sandhya is very much worried. The good thing is Bhabho’s anger is gone and she is now understanding Sandhya, as Sooraj has explained her well. Zakir comes to meet Sandhya.

Everyone give him a warm welcome. Zakir tells them that whatever happened, he regrets a lot for it and has a bad news for them. He then gives her an official letter of her transfer. He says your transfer is done in traffic department, I got posting here as ASP Pushkar. Everyone is shocked. She says its not Sandhya’s mistake, you know her very well, you took training with her, you talk to SP and explain him. Zakir says I can’t do anything, as the order is given and no one can do anything now. Sandhya says congrats, no need to say sorry. Bhabho blames herself for cursing Sandhya’s job the last night in anger and thinks this happened because of her curse has affected Sandhya.

She cries and apologizes to Sandhya, as she got punished because of Sooraj’s mistake. Sooraj took feels much guilty. Sandhya sees them all sad and lies to them that this is not a punishment but a betterment for her, to do duty is different department as they need her now. She takes Zakir outside and tells him not to tell them that this is really a punishment for her, as she got demoted. She does not want her happy to live under any guilt and want them to be happy. She will do the job honestly in any department. He says you did not change, you have big heart which beats for your family. Taisa taunts Bhabho knowing this but an angry Bhabho taunts her back and comes home praising Sandhya.

Sandhya goes for her new job and takes the tiffin with her as she does not want anyone to come there, but Bhabho and Sooraj go to meet her. Sooraj and Bhabho are shocked to see Sandhya’s small place office. Its so small that only few people can get in. Sooraj feels bad and thinks of Sandhya’s last position as ASP and her grand police station. Bhabho sees Sandhya sweating and thinks of her words as she lied to her about her good office. Bhabho says I m ashamed today, I lost my pride. She praises Sandhya and blames herself. She removes her Maang tika which is her pride and says she will now wear it till Sandhya gets back her ASP post.

Sandhya pacifies them. Sooraj requests Zakir to do something for Sandhya. Zakir asks him to write a letter to the SP and then lets see what happens. Many women of Pushkar and Sandhya’s office staff also writes letters to appeal to take Sandhya back as ASP. Zakir takes the letters and gives it to SP. Zakir comes to Sandhya and tells about the department’s decision to give her another chance, they will give her ASP post back if she does three good memos which makes her deserving the post. Sandhya agrees and everyone look happy encouraging and inspiring Sandhya to do her best.

Sandhya talks to Zakir and shows him the records people are breaking the rules so often and just leaving paying the fine. She gets an idea of using a cardboard constable which looks like a human to everyone and people can get scared seeing it at every signal and obey the rules. Zakir feels proud of her. This idea works a bit but Sandhya thinks to do something more better. Zakir tells her that her first task is to make the figures zero, she has to do this to win the first good memo. Sandhya says she can try to make it half but how zero. Zakir says its not impossible, but tough.

Sandhya tells this to Sooraj and family. Everyone think how to help Sandhya. Bhabho comes up with an idea of pamphlets and tells Sooraj. Sooraj makes it ready and asks Chotu and Vikram to distribute it everywhere. He comes to Sandhya and shows it. She becomes glad and is thankful to Sooraj. Chavi wants to get rid of her job, but her boss is still happy with her. Mohit got a new family and is living with them. He tells Sooraj and Vikram to forget him now. Sooraj tells this to Bhabho and asks her to bring Mohit back home, else they will lose him forever. What will Bhabho do now? Will Sandhya win the three memos to get her ASP post back? Keep reading.