Samiksha Jaiswal finds her Bahu Begum co-star CUTE… Find out why!

Colors’ Bahu Begum (LSD Films) has been loved by the masses from the time of its launch. The drama is garnering good ratings, and viewers are enjoying the interesting twists and turns. It showcases a Muslim family and sheds lights on the sensitive topic of polygamy. The talented performances and gripping story has has hooked.
Samiksha Jaiswal, Arjit Taneja, Diana Khan, and the extended cast of Bahu Begum have made the show a perfect entertainer.

The drama around the love triangle and how it is now changing the equations between the family members is a fun watch. Arjit and Samiksha may have been scripted to not have a great on-screen relationship, but off the screens, they bond extremely well.

And this was proved recently when Arjit and Samiksha seemed to be travelling somewhere, probably home post their shoot, and the latter recorded him as she found his expressions cute!

Take a look.

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