Sameer Khan Boxer to play Nandi on Karmphaldata Shani

Hues TV’s artful culmination Karmphal Data Shani has figured out how to win watchers’ hearts with its stellar cast, convincing storyline and overwhelming creation esteem. Adding more contort to the life of Shani will be Nandi, Mahadev’s habitation will attempt to direct Shani back to the way of exemplary nature

Performing artist Sameer Khan Boxer has been bolted to play the character of Nandi.

Lately, crowds have seen an adjustment in Shani’s manner taking a swing over to the dull side after the passing of his mom Chhaya. Deficient torment and misery, Shani has gone out of control, annihilating everything and everybody in his way.
Juhi Parmar shot in outrageous climate conditions for her part in Karmphaldata Shani

Shani’s street to pulverization has driven him to wage a war against his own dad Surya Dev, sibling Yam and alternate Devas, which finished in Shani holding them hostage. Shani’s current conduct has beset the Holy Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, particularly Mahadev who feels Shani’s presence is implied for bringing parity amongst great and malevolence in the universe.

In the up and coming scenes, with a specific end goal to take Shani back to the way of exemplary nature, Mahadev will send Nandi, his heavenly dwelling place persuade Shani to repair his current conduct. Nandi will leave no stones unturned while attempting to make Shani get it.

Nandi will even request that Shani go with him to Kailash where Mahadev himself will disclose to him reality about his reality. Be that as it may, Shani blinded by fury won’t tune in to Nandi and rather will battle against him.

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