When Sameer Arora was rushed to hospital

Performer Sameer Arora, who plays the lead hero Kabir in the show “Container Kuch Kahe”, was hurried to a doctor’s facility because of low circulatory strain (BP). He says wellbeing starts things out and one must tend to it.

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The episode happened when the on-screen character came back to Jaipur, where the show is being shot, after a visit to the place where he grew up Nainital.

“I was down with high fever and nearly swooned when a group part from the generation house sustained me some sugar, chocolate syrup, and lime juice. At long last, I increased some vitality and completed my nearby up shots. Be that as it may, later, once more, I felt mixed up and was admitted to healing center where specialist chose to put me on a glucose dribble,” Sameer said in an announcement.

He included: “Inside a brief time, I could rest easy and chose not to hold up the length of the specialist had recommended and achieved the sets to keep shooting. I completed every one of my scenes for the day since I comprehend what a unit experiences when on-screen characters disappear. Wellbeing starts things out and I tended to it, yet I was not going to give my demonstrate a chance to endure either.”

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The show is broadcast on Zee TV.

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