Sagnik supports me in each and every aspect of my life: Shampa Banerjee

Loyal viewers of Aakash Aath’s Satyamev Jayate would know that when this investigative show had started its lead character Sreemoyi Banerjee, who is a crime ournalist, was unmarried.

As the story moved forward, Sree’s life too got transformed. Gradually, from being unmarried, she became a married woman.

The character of Sree is being essayed by actress Shampa Banerjee.

As you are married in real life and now your character is also married, what do you have to say about this interesting part, we asked the pretty actress and she replied with a smile, “Marital experience in both cases reel and real to me is friendship and companionship above all. In today’s world if you can be the best friend to each other you will have a fantastic marriage. You have to be each other’s greatest support and strength be it emotional or professional.”

“At my home Sagnik (also an actor) supports me in each and every aspect of my life as he is the ‘bestest’ friend of mine and in reel life too Agni (Dron) is always beside Sree…Blessed I am you see!” she signed off saying.

Blessed indeed you and Sree are!

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