Sad! Bigg Boss 16: Tina Datta breaks down; Heartbroken over losing her beloved pet

MUMBAI: Tina Datta, who gained fame with her show Uttaran, has appeared in a range of projects, including Dayan and Koi Aane Ko Hai. 

Dutta has had quite an illustrious career in the telly world. While the actress has some bouts with controversies and scandals, she is very popular amongst the audiences. 

Tina is currently seen in the 16th season of the reality show Bigg Boss. Viewers were earlier skeptical of Tina and how she would perform, but she has come out looking like a strong player and people in the house do consider as her competition. 

Bigg Boss 16 has begun and the fans are super excited for the new season. The show which has had a lot of controversy in the long run is maybe called the house of mayhem for a reason.

Over the time, the show has seen a lot of drama, some very iconic moments, and some very iconic winners. In the last 15 years, a lot has changed in the show and the way the game is played. For the first couple of years, there really was no playbook of how to and who could win the game and the show offered the viewers a new concept every time. 

Tina Dutta, an avid pet lover who often shares glimpses of her pet dogs on social media, was called by Bigg Boss in the confession. She was told that her pet dog, Rani has not been keeping well and Tina was terribly upset over it. 

Unfortunately, Rani passed away and Bigg Boss called Tina in and told her the sad news. She was also asked to come out of the house to sort things out. Tina came back and she broke down. She was very heartbroken that she could not even attend Rani’s last rites. 

Tina had mentioned many times how close she was to her pets and how much they mean to her. 

Every pet parent can understand how difficult it is to lose a pet and fans passed on their prayers and sympathies to Tina. 

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