Ruhi transforms into Ruhaan for Sohail in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!

What is Sohail’s real motive behind his behaviour?

Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will take the drama quotient a notch higher with a new story concerning Ruhi’s love interest with a silver lining of some suspense!

Gaurav Wadhwa has entered the show as Sohail Behl and he wins over Ruhi’s heart by bailing out Ishita from jail. Ishita and Raman have gradually started getting worried about Ruhi’s romantic inclination and now, Ishita will be seen suspecting Sohail for this growing closeness with Ruhi.

Sohail will convince Ruhi to dress up as Ruhaan and perform at a concert to save his business. Ruhi, convinced by his suggestion, will dress up as Ruhaan for a photo shoot. Sohail will also try getting a little romantic here which will charm Ruhi.

Parallel to this, Raman and Ishita will engage in a ‘knok-jhok’ where Ishita will want to wear a modern dress at a particular party. Raman will opinionate that she carries a saree well. Agreeing to this, Ishita will pull out a saree from her wardrobe which yet again will be rejected by Raman. Raman will want Ishita to look plain so that no one looks at Ishita except Raman.

What is Sohail’s real motive behind his behavior?

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