REVIEW! Agastya steals the show amid Paakhi and Ishaan’s brewing romance in Colors’ Fanaa- Ishq Mein Marjawaan 3

MUMBAI: Tvlogist is back with yet another interesting update from the world of television.

Fanaa’s story revolves around three characters, that is, Ishan, Paakhi, and Agasthya, and how the dynamics change with several twists and turns. Starring Reem Shaikh, Zain Imam and Akshit Sukhija in the lead roles.

Talking about the show, the story began on a beautiful note with friendship and love, while we see how Agastya keeps an eye on Paakhi’s every move through his close ones and his loyal man. On the other hand, Paakhi feels that the universe is always on her side and that’s how everything falls into place for her but that isn’t the universe it is Agastya Raichand.

On getting locked in the Haveli, Paakhi meets Ishaan for the first time, she starts liking him while Agastya goes all out to search for her. Right when he decides to propose to her, she reveals that she has fallen for Ishaan. This is when we see the true colours of Agastya and a glimpse of his crazy love for Paakhi. He has her whole life recorded and now that he feels she is going far, he shall do everything to win her back.

Ayaz Ahmed gets introduced as his loyal man and indeed both Ayaz and Zain steal the show amid the brewing love story. Their performance in the recent episodes have not only kept the viewers on the edge of their seats but we could surely say that whenever they are on screen there is a massive twist to be unveiled.

Talking about the execution of the show, it is a viewer’s delight with the breathtaking visuals and a film-like quality that has been achieved for a TV show is indeed commendable. The show has twists and turns at every passing scene, it is indeed a fast-paced show amid the long runs and despite being a finite series, fans would surely want more and more sequels to this one for sure.

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