Rani Rashmoni to stop animal sacrifice in Karunamayee Rani Rashmoni?

The coming episodes of Zee Bangla’s Karunamayee Rani Rashmoni will focus on a ritual which is not supported by many.
Well, the daily, which is produced by Subrata Roy Production, will show a sequence revolving around animal sacrifice, a ritual wherein an animal is killed and offered to a deity.
Loyal viewers of the show would know that the grand event of Durga Puja was well executed at the Marh family.
According to our source, in the coming episodes, a baby goat will be brought in order to sacrifice that to Goddess Durga to banish all evil. As per the advice of Aghor Shastri and other Brahmin priests, Pritraam will start making arrangements for the sacrifice of the baby goat in their presence. But Rani (Ditipriya Roy) will not be able to accept such an ill fate of the innocent creature. So, in order to protect the baby goat, she will pick it up right into her lap at the right moment.
But will she be able to save it?

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