Raman and Ishita trying to find culprit behind Mrs. Iyer;s accident in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Parmeet scares Romi that Raman will follow only Ishita and will send him to jail. Parmeet asks Romi to join him. Romi refuses. Raman comes and hears them. Raman asks Parmeet to think about himself as no one can ruin Romi in his presence. Raman holds Romi’s hand and says what did you think you will make my brother go against me. Parmeet leaves. Raman scolds Romi calling him cheap and asks Romi about Mihika MMS. Romi says that was my mistake, because of Mihir, I was angry on him and did this. He says think, if anything plays with some girl’s respect, its not an innocent mistake, if this happened with Simmi or Rinki, then what would we do.Raman asks him about Amma’s (Mrs. Iyer, Ishita’s mum) accident, how can he do it knowing she is Ishita’s mum and like a mum to them too.

Romi says he did not do Amma’s accident and tells the truth to Raman about where he was at that time. Raman brings Romi home. The inspector comes to arrest Romi. Romi gets worried and tells Raman to save him and not send him to jail, he will do anything he says. Raman stops him and says I m sorry but I did not know everything before, now I m sure Romi is not involved in accident. Ishita asks Raman how can he do this, knowing the truth, how can he manipulate truth for his relations. Romi talks to Ishita and tells her that he did not do Amma’s accident and apologizes for Mihika’s MMS scandal. She says Vandu and Bala’s job was at risk, then Mihika’s respect and now Amma’s life, I can’t forgive him.

Romi explains her everything and says I went on a college trip and met a girl, I got her call, she was doubting she is pregnant. Ishita is shocked and scolds him for ruining a girl’s life, why can’t he be serious in life, does he have any sense or not. Romi says I told Raman when I got his controversial call that she is pregnant, she is Minister’s daughter so I was afraid, sorry. Ishita says I don’t understand, fine you did not do Amma’s accident, but what you did, were that small mistakes, did you think about your family and its respect, what you did is beyond repair. Mihir beats up Romi knowing the truth. He says I would have not spared him if he was not Raman’s brother. Mihika says Mihir is related to that family and I will have to see Romi’s face every day. I can’t forget this. Romi apologizes to him and Mihika.

Simmi’s baby naming ceremony takes place where Parmeet comes. He tries to insult Ishita by calling Shagun and Ashok. Ishita keeps the baby’s name Ananya. Parmeet asks Ishita to touch his feet and take his blessings. Romi stops her and saves her respect. Ishita is glad and forgives Romi. Amma gets critical and Raman calls the doctor. Ishita takes care of her. Raman and Ishita are getting closer spending time with each other. Romi tells them that he knows a mechanic Gaffur and they can find out about the car from him. Raman asks Ishita not to take his car, but she takes it in emergency.

She hits the car and it gets a big scratch. She takes it to the mechanic to get it repaired. Ishita meets Gaffur and gets the mobile number of that man. She calls him but can’t connect. Raman sees his car mark and argues with Ishita. He smiles later on saying she can use it. Ishita gets happy seeing major change in his behavior. Raman gives that number to inspector who tells him that the number is booked on Raman’s name. Everyone is shocked and thinks who can this be. Raman asks Romi to join office and appoints Subbu as his boss. Mihir also helps Romi in his work, and seeing him Mihika gets annoyed.

Bala gets a tuition job and comes to that house. He is shocked to know the boy is Adi. He thinks he should not teach Shagun’s son. Raman meets him and Bala tells him everything. Raman requests him to teach Adi as he needs right guidance. Shagun and Ashok does not give him any time and he needs a good teacher like him. Raman asks him to teach Adi as he is his son and he wants him to become a good man. Bala agrees and asks Ishita. Even she asks him to go ahead, as its not Adi’s mistake to be Shagun’s son and he should not be punished. She says maybe Adi will change and get positive towards Raman. Bala is happy with Ishita’s thoughts. Shagun identifies Bala and thinks to hire him only for Adi’s good future. Will Shagun create a problem again in Ishita’s life? Keep reading.