Rajeshwari Sachdev to replace Anuja Sathe in 'Peshwa Bajirao'

NEW DELHI: Actress Rajeshwari Sachdev will supplant on-screen character Anuja Sathe in the TV indicate ‘Peshwa Bajirao’ post jump. The TV show will soon bring a jump with new faces to article the focal characters, read an announcement.

Rajeshwari was drawn nearer for the part of Radha Bai (prior attempted by Anuja) to give the character a more develop look in the period dramatization demonstrate post the jump of the show.

“Yes I will play the character of Radha Bai in Peshwa Bajirao post the jump on the show. My relationship with Sphere Origin goes far back when Varun and I both were in Sphere Origin’s first creation after which we got hitched. I have been offered the part of Radha Bai. The shoot is yet to start and I am truly anticipating being a piece of their show,” Rajeshwari said.

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