Ragini undergoes a name change!

Not in the show, but in real life.

Actress Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar is now a household name, all thanks to her stint in Colors’ Swaragini. She essays the role of Ragini in the daily show which is doing great.

Now that everything’s going great guns for the actress professionally (touchwood), she recently did her bit to secure her personal life as well. The actress has undergone a name change recently. Tejaswi will now be spelt as Tejasswi’.

According to Tejasswi, who is a staunch believer of astrology and numerology, an astrologer suggested the name change for better future prospects. But the actress also feels that adding an extra ‘s’ to her name makes it funky.

We called up Tejasswi, who told us, “I am very superstitious and hence the name change. In fact, you’ll even see me wearing rings of various gemstones. I wear a pearl, sapphire and ruby as well.”

Well, everyone has their own beliefs and Tejasswi has her own quirky obsession.

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