Radha Krishn fame Zalak Desai opens up on striking a work-life balance after getting married, starting her career as a child artist, and much more

Zalak Desai is a well-known name in the television world.

The actress is currently playing the role of Rukmini in Star Bharat’s popular mythological drama series Radha Krishn.

Well, Zalak has been a part of the television world for a very long time and has some hit shows to her credit.

The diva has always been lauded for her stellar performance in all her shows.

Not many are aware that Zalak is the daughter of renowned actress Falguni Desai, who managed to establish her name in showbiz.

We got in touch with Zalak, who got candid about her current show Radha Krishn and much more.

You started your career at a very young age, how did you manage to balance both work and studies?

I started my career at the age of 6 with Gujarati serials. Then I moved on to do a couple of Hindi shows as a child artist too. I did shows like Hum Do Hain Na, Saat Phere, and a few others. I also did a few ads and a Gujarati play. When I turned 15, that’s when I bagged one of the biggest shows, Sajan Ghar Jana Hai, where I played a parallel lead. I think as a child, it was very difficult to manage work with studies. I was actually good at studies so that wasn’t an issue, but what I missed was playing and having fun with friends. I always wanted to act but I missed those things as I was busy working. However, I somehow managed to pull it off.

You are married now, how did your life change post that and how did you manage to work and take care of the house?

Yes, I have been married for almost a year now. I think time really flies. Life hasn’t really changed much honestly because Nirav and I have been together for a very long time now and our families have always known about us. We were always involved with each other’s families. So, it’s not really very new I would say. In fact, that has made the whole transition easier. So, there’s not much that has changed except for the fact that I miss my parents and I miss spending time with them. But otherwise, overall, this is also very much family. So, there’s not much change. When it comes to managing my house, my in-laws are very supportive. It’s not like all the responsibilities are on me. I do have some responsibilities that are partially shared with everybody else at home that just makes things easy for me. When I have my days off, I am there for them and I spend time with family.

You have portrayed a negative role before and done many positive roles, what kind of character do you wish to explore in future?

I have portrayed a negative role in Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka but all the other roles have been positive. I think even in positive roles, the genre of the show matters. I have been blessed that I have had the opportunity to explore almost all genres. If someone asks me what my favourite character is, it is kind of difficult to say because I have got the opportunity to explore different genres and different characters. It has been a great advantage for me in terms of learning and experience. So I think in the future, I am not really sure but anything that is different is something I would like to do.

On the professional front, Zalak has appeared in shows like Ek Rishta Sajhedaari Ka, Laado 2, Siya Ke Ram, Shubharamabh, Muh Boli Shaadi, and Sajan Ghar Jana Hai among others.

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