Puneesh touches Bandgi without her consent; gets scolded!

The Colors’ flagship reality show Bigg Boss 11 is seeing drama galore. Evryone is doing something or the other untoward just in orer to stay in the limelight. There are fights and bickerings all the time hapening inside the glass walled mansion. However, it is Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma who are always busy with each other. They are the only love birds inside the Bigg Boss 11 house.
They never hesitate in expressing their love for each other in front of everyone. Recently the lovebords were also heard discussing the future of their relationship in and outside the mansion yet again. And were also seen making out under the blanket and getting locked inside the washroom together after midnight.
Although it was recently when Bandgi had demanded a break-up from Puneesh. But it was all a joke. In fact, the young girl’s ex-boyfriend Dennis Nagpal had also said what he wanted to say on that statement.
But now it seems that the young lady is considering that they are on the national television. In an unseen video, shared by the makers of the show, we can see Bandgi scolding Puneesh for touching her without her consent.
Bandgi asks the man as to why he didn’t ask her before doing it (whatever he did) last night. Puneesh replies by saying that he doesn’t need to ask before doing anything. Calling her baby, he says that it is for granted!
When Bandgi further prompts him that they are on national television, Puneesh says that he has now stopped caring. The girl asks him if they are married yet or if they are going to. The question is answered with another question when Puneesh asks her if it would have been fine if they were married. To this, Bandgi says that there would have been no problem if they were married.

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