Prem Bandhan actress Chhavi Pandey is GLAD that she is not RISKING her mother’s health at this hour

Chhavi Pandey has carved a path for herself in the television industry. She is seen in role of Janki in Ekta Kapoor show Prem Bandhan.

The actress misses her mother and family a lot. The actress lives alone in Mumbai, while her family is in Patna. Chhavi told that, “My mother is in Patna and I miss having her around especially during these difficult times. But I’m also glad to be away from her because I meet so many people on an everyday basis because of the shoot for my show ‘Prem Bandhan’ and it would be dangerous for her. I believe if you really care for your parents then you need to stay away from them if you have to step out for work every day. Even though she is away, I make sure she doesn’t need to step out of the house and everything she needs is delivered to the house. I constantly keep a check on her if she ate food and had her medicines. She was supposed to come here to take care of me when I had tested positive but I am so glad she didn’t. It would be really difficult for me to see her go through any sort of pain. I can’t stay a day without talking to her.”

Chhavi has recovered from the virus and she is taking utmost care of herself and shared, “I have always learnt to be independent, so cooking and taking care of the house and myself have never been a problem. But during the pandemic, I made sure to follow all the government guidelines as much as I could and take steams and vitamins and drink kadha, etc. Even after getting treated for the virus, I take utmost care of myself as we don’t know in what form the virus can hit us again.”

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