Prashant acting sweet to Kumud; Kumud and Saras end their fight; Kabir comes to know Anushka’s integrity in Saraswatichandra

Saras buys some plants for Kumud and she gets really happy as she always wanted plants to be her company. He asks her about her day at home. She tells him how the door got locked and how Prashant has helped him. Saras thinks Prashant is really a good man. Saras goes to scold the watchman who is disturbing his sleep by his whistles and Jagte Raho lines. The guard says everyone are happy with me, they praise me, after I came here, no thief comes here as they are afraid of me. Saras explains him to catch thief and not awake people. Kusum gets tensed knowing from Anushka about her friend Radhika’s husband leaving her for silly reason that she did not give him enough time.

Kusum sticks to Danny all time, and becomes a dutiful wife doing all his work on time, making his fav food, keeping his things ready in morning, and loving him even more. Danny wonders what happened to her. He asks her why is she behaving weird but Kusum does not tell him. Everyone go out for some work leaving Anushka and Kabir alone at home. Kabir thinks they left her to trap him and thinks to scare her. He acts like he is going to murder someone and makes Anushka believe it.

She gets worried and to stop him, she locks him in his room, but he leaves by the window. Everyone come home and Anushka tells them that Kabir is going to kill someone. They laugh and think she is mistaken. She tells them everything what she heard and saw. She takes them to the room where she locked Kabir and they does not get Kabir there. Anushka goes to find Kabir and he says he has done the murder. She is shocked and asks him t change his bad habits, as she will help him as a friend. Kumud sees thr fridge not working and asks Saras to arrange a mechanic.

Prashant meets Saras and Saras tells him that needs a fridge mechanic. Prashant arranges it for Kumud making her believe that he is a humble man. Prashant’s friend Mahesh comes to know that Prashant gave the flat for rent. He gets worried and rushes to meet Prashant. He asks him the reason for this. Mahesh sees Kumud’s pic and is shocked. He says now I understand, you gave the flat for rent because of this. Kumud sees something on the wall and shouts for help. Prashant sees Kumud and asks what happened.

She says there is something on the wall. He looks at Mahesh and asks what.Saras comes homes and sees Kumud and everyone standing out. She tells him the same thing. Saras says I will see. Kumud says no, don’t go in. Prashant says I will see. Mahesh and Prashant check the wall. Saras says its chameleon, why did you get scared. She says yes, by this. Prashant asks Kumud is she fine, is this happens again, you can call me or the guard. An old aunty plays loud music and Kumud goes to talk to her, but she makes Saras apologize being adamant on her stand. Kumud leaves annoyed with Saras. She says no, you did not support me, I won’t talk to you.

Danny gets a call from his friend Kiran and Kusum gets a doubt in her mind about her. Kabir comes to know from Danny that the family has not planted Anushka in his life to marry him, she has really come here or her project. Kabir thinks then why is Anushka started being good to him and taking so much care of him, then it means she is really a nice girl to do this without any marriage motive. Anushka hears them talking and leaves.

Saras asks Kumud not to be angry as he is taking her out tonight in his office party. Kumud becomes happy and gets ready. Saras comes home and looks at her shocked. Kumud says what Saras, say something. Saras says what to say, you are looking very beautiful. Prashant sees Saras and Kumud going out and gets angry. They come in the party and Saras rejects a drink. He gets headache and takes a tablet with water at the bar table.

Kumud thinks he lied to her that he won’t drink acting great and now he is hiding from her and drinking. She fumes on him and says she can’t bear his anger, but not his lies. The couple breaks apart for a while, where another misunderstanding happens, as when Saras sends her bouquet, Prashant receives it and throws it in dustbin. Saras comes home and seeing it in bin thinks Kumud has thrown it and still angry. But it rains in Mumbai, and it makes Kumud forget her anger, and makes Saras forgive her. He clears it to her what happened in the party, he did not drink wine but it was water, to have a tablet.

Kumud apologizes. Saras asks her to get ready as they will be going on romantic date to enjoy the first rain of Mumbai. She agrees and starts selecting her dress. Saras calls her and tells her that all roads are blocked so they will have to wait. Both of them wait to meet each other ending their fight. Will Prashant create a rift between them again? Keep reading.