People within showbiz don't judge women: Ruslaan Mumtaz

On-screen character Ruslaan Mumtaz, who has been highlighting in TV shows and movies for very nearly 10 years now, feels that individuals working in media outlets dont judge ladies on the premise of their looks.

“Individuals don’t pass judgment on ladies inside the business, yet I have companions, who have no association with the film business. They surmise that these ladies are simple and they have a misguided judgment about them,” Ruslaan said in an announcement.

“At whatever point I meet anyone, whatever collaborations I have with them, I attempt to change their recognition about the business. In any case, it is difficult,” he included.

Ruslaan will next be viewed as a cricketer, named Tanmay, in the up and coming scene of “MTV Big F Season 2” which will concentrate on the life of a team promoter Jhanvi (Krissan Barretto) and the hardships she experiences in the male-commanded industry where she is viewed as simple and accessible.

This most recent photoshoot of Ruslaan Mumtaz and spouse Nirali will give you genuine couple objectives

“Being a performing artist, I have associated with such a variety of on-screen characters and have had dear companions who are on-screen characters. Truth be told my mom is additionally a performing artist, and these ladies may appear to be exceptionally impressive before the camera.

“There are shoots and photos which are uncovering, however I know the genuine them. We as a whole work since that is our employment, yet that is not the genuine us,” Ruslaan said.

“Notwithstanding passing judgment on somebody like a team promoter due to moving in scanty garments is a wrong attitude and we have to change that. I think the adolescent of India is gradually raising towards that. Gradually and consistently in a couple of years’ opportunity ladies will have the capacity to wear and dress anyway they need, without being judged,” he included.

The scene of “MTV Big F Season 2” including Ruslaan will be broadcast on Sunday.

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