Parvati trains Ganesha to be the prathampujya in Vighnaharta Ganesh

Sony TV’s Vighnaharta Ganesh has been getting rave reviews for its technical superiority. The viewers have already seen a major sequence wherein all the Lords witness the revival of Lord Ganesha. His new face and identity has been revealed in the magnum opus.
Now, in the upcoming episodes, a big sequence is lined up for the week. According to our source, “The coming story will focus on two aspects, how Parvati’s dearest son is named Gajanan and how the world would remember and venerate him with this name henceforth.”
The track will also focus on the love Devi Parvati harbours for Ganesha and how she always makes sure, he gets all the attention, love and obeisance.
“Devi Parvati wants to make sure that her son becomes the first lord to be venerated. Therefore she’ll pledge in front of the lords that one day they all will accept that Ganesh as the prathampujya (the first God to be worshipped),” the source adds.
The series will training phase of Lord Ganesha will be portrayed in a grand scale.
“The track is very important for the storyline. The prime narrative will commence with this track and the show will now be taking a big leap.”
Looks like, this Contiloe Productions’ venture is all set to enthrall the viewers in its coming episodes.

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