Parag Tyagi: Nothing makes me happier than to be known as Shefali’s husband

Bigg Boss 13’s Shefali Jariwala and hubby Parag Tyagi are crazy about each other. In an interation with the a news portal, the couple revealed their Valentine’s Day plans this year. Parag also shared how much he missed Shefali while she was locked inside the BB house. He stated that nothing makes him happier than being addressed as Shefali Jariwala’s husband.

On their Valentine’s Day plans Shefali Jariwala: We are having a working Valentine’s Day. We both are going to work till midnight so instead of having a cosy Valentine’s Day dinner we thought of having breakfast.

Shefali: Parag likes to surprise me and keeps surprising me throughout the year. I am happy that he could at least spare some time off from his schedule for me, I am happy. I am sure he has planned a surprise for me which he is not revealing at the moment. Parag: Yes, I know she will be shooting till late night. There will be some surprise.

On the most romantic thing they have done for each other Shefali: Parag knows that small small things make me happy so there are times when I see the house is filled with roses and balloons. He leaves romantic notes behind for me or there is sometimes my favourite pastry kept for me in the refrigerator with a lovely note. All these things make me super happy. Parag: Shefali is a very romantic person. The first thing that she does every morning when she wakes up, she kisses my forehead usse zyaada kuch aur romantic nahi ho sakta.

How much you two missed each other while Shefali was locked inside the Bigg Boss 13 house? Parag: Sometimes we become very content with our life. I always felt I love Shefali, but never knew how much I love her or the amount of love I have in my heart for her. When she went inside the Bigg Boss house I realised it. When she was away from me, I missed her at each and every moment. The house was empty without her. I missed her the most when I had a few good things to share and she was not with me. I used to be awake the entire night thinking how to tell her. I used to share with my parents, but I have always shared everything with her and she was not there. Shefali: When I was inside the Bigg Boss 13 house I realised that I am addicted to Parag. He has become my habit and I didn’t realise this in my normal life. Those 13 weeks made me realise that I am addicted to Parag. We value each other when we are together but we don’t realise the feeling. When I was locked in that house and I had my share of happy and sad moments, I missed his touch, his hugs, his kisses. I missed my partner the most and the comfort of his touch.

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