OMG! Will Dharmi marry Mukhji in Sony TV’s Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaagey?

There are numerous media reports about the show going off air but they’re all baseless rumours. According to our sources, the show will introduce a U-turn in the track..
In the ongoing episodes, the audiences are witnessing a rather endearing confession of Aru (Niyati Fatnani) and Mukhiji’s (Ejaz Khan) love for each other in this week. Dharmi’s (Jia Mustafa) re-entry is also seen in yesterday’s episode.
However our source informs us, Aru and Mukhiji will soon discover differences in a lot many arenas yet again which will once more create a wedge between the two.
Our source further revealed, “Amidst this emotional turmoil Aru’s elder sister Dharmi (who has already re-entered the serial as is seen in the ongoing episodes) will re-enter Aru- Mukhi’s life to marry Mukhji, which will add a twist to the life of both; it will make way for more dramatic episodes. A new macho character will also enter the series and will give a tough competition to Mukhiji.”
The competition bit is surely intriguing and so is the re-entry of Dharmi, now it will be left to the audiences to see which track impresses them more. We can’t wait to witness the track. What about you?
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