OMG! Shravan to commit SUICIDE in 'Ek Duje Ke Vaaste'?

Being heartbroken with the news of Aditya and Suman’s marriage, Shravan will attempt to commit suicide.

With the current track revolving around the wedding drama, where we recently reported about the marriage to proceed in peace not leading to any surprises on that front. However, the upcoming track has a major heartbreak in store for Shravan (Namik Paul) and Suman (Nikita Dutta) bringing in a new twist to the tale.

We also reported about how Nanu (Madan Joshi) will accept the proposal of Aditya (Ronit Kapil) and Suman’s (Nikita Dutta) marriage and that Suman would also give her consent on the same. However, while on one hand Nirmala (Geetanjali Tikekar) and Nanu will be happy with the idea of Aditya-Suman’s marriage, Shravan on the other hand, is in for a major shocker.

Shravan, although being furious with Suman, can’t get over the feelings he has for her. Upon learning the news of Aditya and Suman’s marriage, Shravan will be heartbrokenand will attempt to commit suicide.

What?! Being unable to deal with the pain caused by the idea of his ladylove getting married to someone else, he will attempt committing suicide.

Will Suman be able to save Shravan on time? What is the fate of their love story? What do you think? Leave your comment below…

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