OMG: A serious ACCIDENT occurs on sets of 'Thapki Pyar Ki'..!

The affected person was immediately rushed to the hospital..

Injuries and accidents are the most saddening and unfortunate occurrences for anyone, but it becomes all the more heartbreaking for the fans when their favourite actors experience such a thing…

With recent incidents about actor Ashish Sharma being hospitalised, there is another unfortunate occuring on the sets of another show, ‘Thapki…Pyaar Ki’. A serious accident occurred on the sets of the show recently..

A technician suffered from an electric shock and fell down from the ceiling. The person was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital.

We contacted Jigyasa Singh, who confirmed saying, “Yes, he was working, when suddenly he suffered from an electric shock and fell. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he has been in the I.C.U for over two days.”

She added, “However, thank god that he is out of danger now.”

That’s certainly a relief…!

We also asked her about the apparent rumours surrounding the show going off-air, to which she said, “Not at all. The show is not going off-air for a year atleast. We are getting good numbers, so there is no chance for such a thing. Every show faces ups and downs, but that certainly doesn’t indicate of any drastic decisions.”

The fans can now be relieved to know that..!

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