OMG! ‘Meri Durga’ to take HUGE LEAP

New Delhi: Star Plus show ‘Meri Durga’ will roll out some significant improvements in the coming month. Much the same as other well known shows, ‘Meri Durga’ is additionally going to take story numerous years ahead.

Yes! You heard that privilege! Show will take gigantic jump. Agreeing news in India Forums, “‘Meri Durga’ will soon witness some significant advancements as the producers have chosen to present a leap.While tyke craftsman, Ananya Agarwal was the lead face of the show, the throwing for the post jump period of the story has started. The jump is planned to happen in the time of June.”

As of now in the show, Ananya Agarwal otherwise known as Durga and Yashpal Choudhary otherwise known as Vicky Ahuja assume the lead part. While in a meeting with TOI toward the begin of the show, Ananya stated, “Durga is altogether different from me, in actuality. In any case, I cherish playing Durga as it is the first occasion when I am playing a rustic character.”

All things considered, now in the coming months, Ananya will state farewell to the show. Will you miss her?

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