OMG! Bigg Boss 16: Ankit Gupta Spills the beans, Call Shalin and Tina’s love angle Fake

MUMBAI:  Bigg Boss 16 has begun and the fans are super excited for the new season.

While the show has been going through a lot of changes and there have been many fights but there was a moment of real fun on the show.

Ankit Gupta is a pretty popular contestant but he is often teased about not being interactive a lot and because he speaks less. Fans have been wanting to see a side of Ankit where he takes part in the house activities and more importantly they wanted to understand if Ankit had any interest in the game at all. 

Well, turns out Bigg Boss had the same confusion. In an attempt to understand why Ankit doesn’t talk a lot or if he is just observing the game and the house, Bigg Boss called him to the confession room and teased him about not talking. 

Bigg Boss then played a game with Ankit and told him to spill the beans on some gossip. 

When asked about what he thinks of the contestants, about Tina he said that she is a smart player and she waited and chose her group and about his good friend Priyanka, he said, that even though Priyanka has no malice in her heart, she sometimes gets involved in other’s peoples business when she should not.

When Bigg Boss asked Ankit about the love angles in the house and what he thought of them, he said that he thinks Shalin and Tina’s angle is definitely for the game and he can’t tell if it is real.

Well, fans were really impressed with Ankit’s observation skills and they think Ankit definitely is a smart player.

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