Officer Singh exposes Kavita infront of Rathi family; Kavita plans revenge in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Bhabho keeps a Satyanarayana puja at home as Mohit has come out of jail and is proved innocent. She is happy that Sooraj and Zakir succeeded in their mission and Sandhya has caught Vineet. Bhabho is proud of Sandhya. Everyone is happy as Sandhya got her second positive memo. Sandhya waits for Zakir and he comes with a surprise. Officer Singh walks in. Everyone look at Officer Singh as she smiles looking at Sandhya. Sandhya welcomes her. habho asks are you taking Sandhya again. Officer Singh says no, just to meet her, as I was going to Jaipur to a press conference, so came here to meet Sandhya and Zakir.

Zakir states some work and leaves. Officer Singh sees Kavita there watching tv. Officer Singh thinks she is the one who called her to stop Sandhya from winning. Kavita says oh, you are that Officer Singh. Officer Singh says yes, I m the one who refused to agree, if her family loves and respects you so much, why did you wanted this that Sandhya does not win Best Cadet Trophy. Kavita says I did not wish her to get best cadet trophy and her posting comes in Pushkar. Bhabho hears this and everyone come there. Bhabho say don’t fool me not with your lies, I heard everything, tell me the truth. Kavita says Santosh ji, our deal was on selfish motive.

Kavita says you wanted her to get posting in Pushkar and you forgot you insulted me infront of everyone for her and I started hating her since that day. Everyone is shocked seeing her true side. Sooraj scolds Kavita. He asks why did you cheat us. The elections results come and Kavita says I did all this for votes. Kavita says I knew Bhabho will influence many people here, and I wanted your support to win. She says the way I run away from marriage altar, Santosh ji would have not given me votes. Kavita says Sandhya knew my truth but did not tell you all. Sandhya says yes, I knew her truth but I was tied by my duty. She says this love, respect and trust matters for middle class people, for me power matters, which I will get today.

The results on the news channel on tv shows Kavita is now lagging behind, as Pushkar’s results are not in her favor. Kavita loses in the elections and is shocked. Sooraj and Sandhya taunt her and ask her to leave. Kavita says she will take revenge and leaves. Chavi is troubled by Pushpa’s questioning and tells the truth to her that she was not pregnant. Pushpa says you have played with our feelings for your selfish mean. Chavi says I did not have any miscarriage, I lied, as I did not wish to go office, and wanted to be at home. Pushpa says what could I expect from a girl, who has hidden her bridal lahenga at her wedding.

She scolds Chavi for this big cheat to them. The shop owner Balkishan comes to meet Sooraj, asking him to give back his shop. Sooraj calls Bhabho and she tells him that she bought this shop from his dad for Rs 2 lakhs. He scolds them and says if my dad is dead, will you take Rs 12 lakhs shop just like this. Balkishan insults them and asks them to vacate it, he will get the shop and drag them to court. Sandhya asks Bhabho not to worry as they have the shop papers. Bhabho says no, it got burnt in the fire caught at home many years ago. Sandhya says we will get a duplicate copy and they go to the registry office.

They don’t get the copy and are sad. aisa asks Bhabho not to worry as everything will be fine. Bhabho and Babasa are upset seeing the shop shut. Sandhya sees Bhabho crying and sharing what Sooraj did for them, what did this shop mean to them. Sooraj opens his shop. Balkishan comes and says nothing will happen now. He tells Sandhya to tell whats written in this court notice. Sandhya tells about the court orders to shut the seal the shop. Sandhya shuts the shop as per the court orders and locks it. She looks at Sooraj and feels his pain, what he is going through. Kavita comes there and rings the bell of the movable stall which has Sooraj’s shop name. She says Sooraj Rathi, this new shop is your future.

Kavita says you are proud of Sandhya and see she has shut this shop today, after what all Sooraj did to support her dream and make her ASP. Kavita says ASP Sandhya Rathi, you did your duty very well, but you failed as a wife. Sandhya gets angry and feels upset for Sooraj. How will Sandhya get back Sooraj’s shop? Chavi tells the truth to Dilip of her fake pregnancy and miscarriage, as she does not want Pushpa to being out her anger and make her work double time. She acts like getting very tired and is truly regretting. Dilip is stunned. What will Dilip do knowing about Chavi’s big lie? Keep reading.