No Designer Saris for Tanvi Azmi

Tanvi Azmi returns to television after a gap of ten years with &TV’s family drama Vani Rani. The show is about twin sisters who are married to two half-brothers and live under the same roof. In spite the fact that they are twins there is nothing common between them. Vani is a strong minded career woman while Rani is a demure housewife. Being a perfectionist, Tanvi Azmi wants the characters to be as close to reality as possible.
While most television actors have stylists and flaunt designer labels, Tanvi Azmi is going against the tide for the portrayal of Vani and Rani. A source from the set reveals, “The saris which she dons for both the characters are not from any designer. She likes to keep it simple and real and therefore the costume designer has sourced the saris from local shops in Mumbai. In fact her saris as Rani are so simple that they are bought at a minimal cost.”
It is not very often that we see an actor letting go of the opportunity to wear designer labels but when it comes to someone like Tanvi Azmi the character is the only thing important.

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