Nimki will agree to stand for elections on a quirky condition

Star Bharat’s Nimki Mukhiyaa is one eccentric show which struck a chord with the audience quite well. The show garnered good ratings in the last week.
had updated you guys about the cycle competition which will follow in the daily drama. Now we have another interesting scoop about the series.
Post the cycle competition, Nimki will accidentally save the minister from falling off the stage. The local newspapers will cover the incident and make Nimki a famous personality in her village.
Nahar Singh, a minister of opposition party, will try to cash in the recent found fame and admiration that Nimki is enjoying.
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Nahar will think about convincing the chirpy lady to stand for the local election. Interestingly, his party is anywayplanning to make a Dalit woman their face and thus Nimki will look apt for it.
However, the unusual Nimki has something else in her mind. She will agree to stand for the election only if they agree to her demand.
Well, Nimki’s demand will be as quirky as her character.
She will put a condition in front of the minister that she’ll stand for elections if they gift her bathtub.
As per our source, the party will agree to her demand and there will be a hilarious episode wherein Nimki will enjoyher leisure time in the bathtub. The sequence will be like that of a film. She will be seen doing things like the heroines do in films.
Sounds, interesting!!!! Gear up for the hilarious episodes.

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