Nilasha to fall in love with Ishaan again in Zee Bangla’s Jamai Raja

Love is in the air!
Well, we hear a lot of drama is in store for the viewers of Zee Bangla’s Jamai Raja and amidst all the drama, an incident will bring Nilasha (Shreema Bhattacherjee) and Ishaan (Arjun Chakraborty) close to each other.
Eager to know more? Then read on-
According to our source, upon seeing everyone enjoying the mehendi ceremony of Priti and Mintu, Bibi (Chaiti Ghoshal) will get jealous and furious and thus will chock out a plan to teach them a lesson.
So, when everyone will be singing, dancing and celebrating the occasion, someone will take away the electric fuse creating darkness all around in the drawing room. Due to this, naturally the fans will stop working. To deal with the crisis, Ishaan will come up with an idea.
Any guesses?
Well, he will use the car battery to run the fan. Also, with the help of a torch, he will find out the real culprit who took away the electric fuse. And after seeing all this, Nilasha will fall in love with him again. This surely would be an interesting watch for the audience.
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