New luxury budget task: Time to go cycling in Bigg Boss 10

It’s the middle of the week and it’s time for the Bigg Boss contestants to work harder to stay safe and pampered in the house. And for that, they have to undertake another grueling Luxury Budget task.
The new task will transfer power to the hands of the challengers. The contestants will wake up to a shocker, learning no water availability in the kitchen and washroom.
According to the task, the basic necessities like water, cooking gas, sleeping and access to the luggage room will be dependent on the performance of the challengers. Two challengers will have to continuously cycle for the same and the supply would also stop when they will stop cycling.

Priyanka has been made the monitor for the task and Bigg Boss will ensure her a chance to fight for captainicy on performing the task well.
The episode will air tonight.

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